About Us

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a Perfect Wedding!
Choosing the dream wedding dress feels like a bride’s most important wedding decision to make. Almost as if, once that is checked off the top of your list, all the other wedding details will fall magically into place. We know you’re looking for something that makes you feel like a million dollars but does not cost you your honeymoon! Something that is no fuss, easy and effortless and yet, is the most spectacular thing you’ve laid your eyes on. It takes your breath away! A dress that feels just like you. 

All we want to say is, your search ends here, at Maxima Bridal. 

Maxima Bridal

Maxima Bridal was founded in 1999 as a family business and has since helped more than 50,000 brides in 30 countries find their dream wedding dress. Started in the city of Chernivtsi (Ukraine); a well-known hub for wedding dressmakers with a historic dressmaking tradition, our dresses are now ubiquitous in bridal shops across Europe. Our exquisite wedding gowns have walked down many international runaways, and have received accolades and awards from around the globe. In 2020,  Miss Ukraine wore our gown at the Miss Universe pageant.
We launched our online store in early 2020, and since then many brides from Canada and the US have chosen our personalized custom made dresses instead of a run-of-the-mill wedding dress from a mega-chain. 

Our highly skilled dressmakers in Europe work their craft with unmatched precision and finesse. Each dress is hand-crafted, made to measure, and intricately embellished with hand-sewn beads, delicate pearls and crystals, lace appliques and guipure, to create that timeless wedding dress that leaves you spellbound.

Our Founders

Maxima Bridal founders

It all began 24 years ago when a young couple decided to get married. Marin was a dedicated math teacher and Olena was a skilled wedding gown seamstress. Little did they know that their union would spark the creation of a thriving family business.

As their wedding day approached, Olena decided to design and craft her own wedding dress. When Marin saw the dress for the first time, he was not only captivated by its beauty but also deeply moved by Olena's talent. At that moment, a seed was planted—a dream that insisted on blooming and being shared with the world. The couple decided to start a small family business. And so, their journey in the world of wedding dresses began.

Over the years, the small family business has grown and evolved, but one thing has remained constant—the unwavering dedication of the founding couple. Despite the demands of time and the expansion of their brand, they are still as passionate and involved in every dress that bears the mark of their brand.

Olena remains the heart and soul of the business. She is intimately involved in the creation of every custom gown, ensuring that each Maxima bride receives the perfect dress she envisions. Marin oversees the operational aspects of the brand, enabling his wife's talent to continue being showcased to the world.


Our Vancouver Team

Meet Olha, the head of our Vancouver team. She is the person behind the screen making sure every bride receives impeccable customer service. She is originally from Chernivtsi, Ukraine where our dresses are made. Olha moved to Vancouver in 2009 to study. After getting engaged and having a hard time finding a stylish and affordable dress in Vancouver, Olha turned to Maxima Bridal. The rest is history! Olha is very passionate about helping each bride find the perfect dress while feeling at ease and not breaking the bank. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Vancouver with her husband and son.

Our Dresses

Whether your signature style is vintage, modern, traditional, or bold and glamorous, we have your dream wedding dress! Our collection offers a mix of extravagant and minimalist styles and silhouettes to suit all bridal tastes. Some of our dresses retain a touch of mystery and restraint while some are out and out eccentric. But hey, all are romantic and dreamy. We have a range of options for you to choose from to give you a figure-flattering, ethereal gown and make your wedding everything you dreamed of and planned for, with utmost love and attention. And if you can't find the perfect dress, we're more than happy to create a custom design exclusively for you. Crafting unique designs is our specialty, and we love assisting brides in turning their vision into reality.

If you’ve fixed your wedding this year or simply dreaming up your big day, we are here to help you plan the perfect wedding. From the best-in-class fabrics, high-quality embellishments, and authentic designs to impeccable tailoring, we have you covered. We simply want you to have the dress you imagined you would.
Once you’re in your Maxima Bridal wedding dress - that fits like a glove - you’ll be at ease and relaxed, looking your best; twirling on the dance floor and smiling in those photographs. We want you to just be yourself, and feel as amazing as you look. 
Leave your wedding jitters to us!