How do I measure myself for a wedding dress?

Wedding dress measuring
We always recommend having a professional take your measurements for the best results!
Please include photos of your figure taken en face, profile and back so that we can verify your measurements.
  • Some dresses require only a few of the measurements. See the dress page for specific measurements needed.
  • You'll need a flexible tape measure and someone to help you place and read the measuring tape.
  • Never measure over your clothing. Your dress size measurements should be taken while wearing underwear similar to the ones you will wear with your gown. Wear an unpadded bra (your dress will have a built-in bra).
  • Measurements must be made per the instructions without any allowance or extra margin. Allowances will be made by our tailors.
    Measured barefoot while standing straight against a wall
    Heel Height:
    Approximate height of the heels your plan on wearing on your wedding day
    Bust height:
    Measured from the shoulder seam line at the neck base to the breast apex
    Shoulder to waist (Front):
    Take this at the same time as the bust height. Without changing the position of the measuring tape, measure from the shoulder until the waist line
    Shoulder to waist (Back):
    Measured vertically from neck base until the waist line, across the shoulder blade
    Shoulder to waist (back)
    Bust circumference:
    Measured around the fullest part of the bust
    Bust circumference
    Bust Separation:
    Measured horizontally between both apexes in the bust
    Bust separation
    Armhole width (Front):
    Measured horizontally across bust apexes from side seam to side seam
    Front armhole width
    Armhole width (Back):
    Measured horizontally across the shoulder blades. Keep the tape at the same height as when measuring the front armhole width
    Back armhole width
    Waist circumference:
    Measured in the most narrow part of the waist. Keep the tape slightly loose
    Waist cicumference
    Shoulder to center waist (Front/Back):
    Diagonal distance from shoulder to where the waist line meets the spine
    Shoulder to center waist
    Shoulder width:
    Measured from neck base to the outside edge of the shoulder
    Shoulder width
    Armpit to waist:
    Bodice height measured along the side seam from armpit to waist
    Armpit to waist
    Skirt length: (without heels)
    Measured vertically across the side seam, from the waist line to the floor
    Skirt length
    Hips circumference:
    Measured around the widest part of the hips over the buttocks
    Hips circumference
    Waist to knee:
    Measured along the side seam from the waist to the knee
    Waist to knee
    Sleeve length:
    Measured from the outside shoulder edge to the wrist along the arm with a slight bent at the elbow joint to ensure your dress will allow for movement
    Sleeve length
    Around arm:
    Measured along the widest part of the arm (bicep)
    Around arm
    Wrist circumference:
    Measured at the wrist joint
    Wrist circumference
    Neck circumference:
    Measured around the neck
    Neck circumference